Green Structural Adjustment in the World Bank’s Resilient City

Image for Green Structural Adjustment in the World Bank’s Resilient City

Malaysian Theatre, Basement, Glyn Davis Building, University of Melbourne


Are cities prepared for the costs of rapid urbanisation and climate change devastation?

According to recent World Bank reports and programs, cities across the Global South are facing a costly urban resilience and infrastructural crisis stemming from rapid urbanization and climate change. But, the cost of achieving urban resilience in these cities dwarfs available public financing. As a result, the World Bank is attempting to channel return-seeking investments into resilient urban infrastructure. In this seminar, Dr Sophie Webber will chart the emergence of this discourse and associated set of practices that seek to reformat cities in investment friendly ways, identifying a new program of Green Structural Adjustment.

Dr Sophie Webber is a Lecturer in Geography in the School of Geosciences at the University of Sydney. Sophie’s research interests are in the political economies of adaptation and resilience, with a focus on climate change “hotspots” of Southeast Asia and the Pacific region.

Download the slides for this event here