Seed Funded Projects 2019/20

Three projects were successful in securing Climate Transformations seed funding for 2019/20.

The value of our regional climate history

This project brings together early and mid-career researchers as well as archivists and citizen science coordinators to explore the hypothesis that the recovery and analysis of local historical weather data by communities leads to increased public engagement in climate science.

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Valuing the coastal protection services of green and grey habitats for public and private property

This project brings together a team that spans two faculties and three research groups from the University of Melbourne, a consultant, and council partner to determine the role of existing coastal defence options - seawalls and natural habitats (saltmarshes, mangroves and seagrasses) - for flood protection in the case study area of Hobsons Bay, Victoria.

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Understanding Aquifers through Groundwater Stories

This project aims to develop scholarly and community knowledge of the place of groundwater in Australian psyche and culture, so as to ensure sustainable groundwater resources. Communicating the science of groundwater’s vulnerability accurately entails finding new communication channels and new ways of giving voice to groundwater.

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