Seed Funded Projects 2019/20

Three projects were successful in securing Climate Transformations seed funding for 2019/20.

The value of our regional climate history

Globally, climate change is predicted to be the most significant health issue of this century with Australia having a unique vulnerability amongst OECD nations.There is an urgent need to improve policy and practice in the field of climate and health. This project brings together a group of multidisciplinary, early- and mid-career researchers in order to stimulate a coordinated approach to climate and health research.

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Valuing the coastal protection services of green and grey habitats for public and private property

Climate risk has emerged as a pivotal concept in legal and regulatory contexts that relate to mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Within Australia, there is a current policy and legal vacuum around climate risk. The project aims to develop an analysis around climate risk as a critical concept in interdisciplinary research that is relevant to transformations in climate change law, regulation and policy in the international and national spheres.

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Understanding Aquifers through Groundwater Stories

This project centres around the need to interrogate and reconfigure the ‘Anthropocene’, with its colonial, anthropocentric, heteropatriarchal and ‘gameover’ assumptions and impacts. Hacking the Anthropocene IV is a collection of curated research and engagement events that will focus on developing and disseminating anti-colonial, queer, feminist and more-than-human approaches to ecological scholarship and action, with an emphasis on the environmental arts and humanities. This program engages multi-disciplinary researchers to address the intersection of ethical, equity and epistemic issues embedded in the concept of the ‘Anthropocene’.

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