Imogen Butler

Project Officer, The Climate Reality Project

Imogen Butler is a specialist in environmental communication and research, with over eight years’ experience working in a wide range of organisations in Australia, Sweden, and the UK. Imogen has worked extensively in the not-for-profit sector on environmental campaigns with a common focus on repowering and diversifying energy systems to advance renewables.

Prior to joining MSSI as Project Officer at the local branch of The Climate Reality Project (TCRP), Imogen was researching zero-carbon manufacturing pathways for Australian industries with Beyond Zero Emissions. As a researcher Imogen's mission is to translate climate science into sustainable practice and technology.

Imogen has delivered communications for a series of high-profile climate action campaigns, including The ‘Million Jobs Plan’, a plan that shows how Australia can create millions of jobs through green stimulus. Also, ‘Zero Carbon Communities’, a program that empowers thousands of Australian communities to lower their emissions and thrive.

During her career, Imogen has worked with diverse stakeholders to bring about sustainability outcomes. As an active ally in the climate justice movement, Imogen believes in empowering a fully voiced response to climate change. Her mission is to elevate the voices of communities and persons at the frontline of climate change, particularly those who have previously been excluded from climate change discourses.

Imogen is qualified with a MSc from the University of Oxford (UK) and a Bachelor of Environment and Society at RMIT University (AU).

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