Environmental Arts and Humanities Network

A post-disciplinary space for stories and conversations about art-activist-academic thinking-making-being to support living systems and multispecies justice.

EA&H aims to connect early career researchers,  research higher degree candidates, and other practitioners who critically and self reflexively investigate intersectional ecological practices and pedagogies, environmental phenomena, climate in/justices, temporalities, narratives, grief, trauma, laws, science and activisms in the Global South.

EA&H facilitates events and projects that encourage recognition of our radical and active interdependence. EA&H also supports artists and researchers developing rich practical and conceptual modes of being, thinking and doing research, art, and activism to support living systems.

EA&H aims to:

  • Critically and generously question and re-frame what scholarly-artistic-activist knowledge looks, sounds, and feels like in a climate-changing world.
  • Understand the thoughts, actions, and narratives that maintain exploitative conditions, while carefully researching, imagining, and articulating alternative possibilities.
  • Attend to undervalued perspectives and oppressed knowledges.
  • Nourish co-existence on the planet.

Contact the EA&H Network by email: env-ah@unimelb.edu.au

Project lead

Dr Hayley Singer (Faculty of Arts)