Environmental Arts and Humanities Network

A post-disciplinary space for stories and conversations about art-activist-academic thinking-making-being to support living systems and multispecies justice.

EA&H aims to connect early career researchers,  research higher degree candidates, and other practitioners who critically and self reflexively investigate intersectional ecological practices and pedagogies, environmental phenomena, climate in/justices, temporalities, narratives, grief, trauma, laws, science and activisms in the Global South.

EA&H facilitates events and projects that encourage recognition of our radical and active interdependence. EA&H also supports artists and researchers developing rich practical and conceptual modes of being, thinking and doing research, art, and activism to support living systems.

EA&H aims to:

  • Critically and generously question and re-frame what scholarly-artistic-activist knowledge looks, sounds, and feels like in a climate-changing world.
  • Understand the thoughts, actions, and narratives that maintain exploitative conditions, while carefully researching, imagining, and articulating alternative possibilities.
  • Attend to undervalued perspectives and oppressed knowledges.
  • Nourish co-existence on the planet.

Contact the EA&H Network by email: env-ah@unimelb.edu.au

Project lead

Dr Hayley Singer (Faculty of Arts)

EnviroArtsX Seminar Series

In this seminar series environmental arts and humanities scholars, artists and storytellers reflect on ways environmental arts and humanities can provoke deep engagement with, nuanced understanding of, and robust community discussion about the multiple and overlapping environmental and cultural crises of our times.