Seed Funded Projects 2020

Four diverse projects that bring together interdisciplinary teams with a wide range of external partners were successful in securing MSSI seed funding in 2020.

Protecting streams in our cities

This interdisciplinary project will investigate how better integration of legal mechanisms, scientific and socio-technical knowledge can drive transformative stormwater management that protects waterways whilst producing co-benefits such as climate resilient water supplies, flood mitigation, urban habitat, greening and cooling.

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Psychosocial Approaches to Eco-anxiety Management

This project aims to provide a definitive account of eco-anxiety as a specific psychological phenomenon that operates at clinical and subclinical levels, and to identify methods of managing eco-anxiety by building individual and social resilience.

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Making Environments Matter: Dynamic Couplings in Complex Social-Ecological Systems

There is an urgent need to generate new forms of discourse offering insight into how a warming climate will have critical system-wide effects. To address this, new datasets and analysis methods are needed to offer academics, policymakers, and the public a whole-of-system narrative clarifying how global warming and its downstream consequences will cause widespread disruption over a broad range of social-ecological systems that matter for daily life.

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Scaling up Regenerative Agriculture

Adopting regenerative agriculture methods to reduce emissions across the agricultural sector requires large-scale, upfront investment. This project brings together expertise in measuring the environmental services of regenerative agriculture and expertise in measurement and reporting methods that mainstream investors require to assess options to scale up investment for regenerative agriculture.

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