Book launch and webinar: Hope and Courage in the Climate Crisis

Hope and Courage cover

In this seminar launching Prof John Wiseman’s new book Hope and Courage in the Climate Crisis, Prof Kate Auty (Chair, Victorian Environment Protection Authority) hosted a discussion with the author in conversation with Prof David Karoly (climate scientist, University of Melbourne), Victoria McKenzie-McHarg (Chair, Climate Action Network Australia) and Prof Kathryn Bowen (Deputy Director, Melbourne Climate Futures).

As the risks of the climate crisis continue to grow, so too do the challenges of facing a harsh climate future with honesty and courage; justice and compassion; meaning and purpose. Hope and Courage in the Climate Crisis explores diverse sources of learning and wisdom – from climate scientists and activists; philosophers and social theorists; Indigenous cultures and ways of life; faith based and spiritual traditions; artists and writers – which can strengthen our capacity to live courageous, compassionate and creative lives in a world of rapidly accelerating climatic and ecological risk.

5:30 pm -7:00 pm AEST
Date: Thursday, 16 September 2021