Dr Sebastian Fastenrath

Research Fellow in Resilient Cities

Sebastian joined MSSI in November 2017 as ‘Research Fellow in Resilient Cities', working alongside the ‘City of Melbourne Chair of Resilient Cities’, Professor Lars Coenen. By generating knowledge and expertise through collaborative research and engagement within Resilient Melbourne, Sebastian helps to develop urban innovations, resilience research, and policy making.

Coming from an interdisciplinary background, Sebastian’s work is focused on questions at the interface of economic and urban geography, innovation and transition studies. He is particularly interested in sustainability transitions, resilient urban and regional development, governance, and interactive knowledge generation between actors from public, private and academic sectors. A special focus of Sebastian’s work has been on urban sustainability transitions and innovation in the building and construction sector. He gained extensive research experience in Australian and German city contexts through his PhD in Human Geography at the University of Cologne, Germany. Sebastian’s work has been published in renowned international journals, such as Applied Geography, Journal of Cleaner Production and Professional Geographer.

With a focus on applicable solutions and recommendations for urban and regional development, Sebastian's core research questions are: How are resilience and sustainability strategies translated into practice? What drives processes of change and innovation in urban and regional contexts? What are barriers and challenges? To what extent does political decision-making play a role?

Recent publications:

Fastenrath, S., Gleeson, B., Coenen, L., Acuto, M., Kosovac, A. (2019). Healthy and sustainable cities: issues and opportunities in Melbourne’s knowledge system to transition to a healthy and sustainable city. Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute and Connected Cities Lab, University of Melbourne.

Fastenrath, S. Acuto, M. Coenen, L. Keele, S. 2019, 'What next after 100 Resilient Cities funding ends?', The Conversation.

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Fastenrath, S. & Braun, B. (2018): Lost in Transition? Directions for an Economic Geography of Urban Sustainability Transitions. Sustainability. 10 (7), 2434.

Fastenrath S., Preller B. (2018): Freiburg: The Emblematic Green City. In Green Building Transitions. The Urban Book Series. Springer, Cham, pp 69-97.

Fastenrath S. (2018): Brisbane: A Disrupted Green Building Trajectory. In Green Building Transitions. The Urban Book Series. Springer, Cham, pp 133-157.

Fastenrath, S. & Braun, B. (2018): Ambivalent urban sustainability transitions: Insights from Brisbane's building sector.Journal of Cleaner Production. 176. 581-589.

Fastenrath, S. & Braun, B. (2018): Sustainability transition pathways in the building sector: Energy-efficient building in Freiburg (Germany). Applied Geography. 90. 339-349.

Preller, B., Affolderbach, J., Schulz, C., Fastenrath, S., Braun, B. (2017): Interactive knowledge generation in urban green building transitionsProfessional Geographer. 69 (2), 214-224.

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