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New Chair in Resilient Cities

MSSI welcomes Melbourne's inaugural Chair in Resilient Cities, Prof Lars Coenen

Don Henry named chair of Forest Industry Taskforce

Prof Henry will lead this taskforce, bringing together the forest industry and conservation groups to reach common ground on forest management. 

‘The urban’: a concept under stress in an interconnected world

Are humans now an “urban species”? Do we now live in an “Urban Age”?

New Book: Art + Climate = Change

ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE explores the power of art to create the empathy, emotional engagement and cultural understanding needed to motivate meaningful change.

Cities and climate action after Paris

In cities around the world, policy and investment decisions will play a key role in locking in—or avoiding—high carbon pathways.

Extreme coral bleaching may be normal by 2034

New study shows record-high sea temperatures in the Coral Sea have caused massive coral bleaching along the Great Barrier Reef...

The pathway to change

Find out how transitions management makes use of society's ability to self-organise in bottom-up ways in areas such as sustainability...

On alert: the Philippines and climate change

Don Henry and Ben Parr examine climate change vulnerabilities and policy responses in the Philippines...