Urban Food Systems

Investigating urban agriculture and urban biogas to create resilient city food systems

Current projects that fall under this theme are:

Urban agriculture

With the help of citizen scientists and gardeners, this project is creating a new urban agriculture dataset. This dataset will allow urban agriculture to be looked at in the context of its role in cities and in food supply resilience, both now and into a climate change affected future. Until now, research about urban agriculture has often been concerned with what’s growing in cities. It often looks at what the current benefits of food growing are, or how much land is available to grow food. Read more...

Urban biogas

This project aims to investigate the feasibility of ‘closing the loop’ for food and human waste and energy production through the use of anaerobic digestion in Melbourne and the potential to partially de-centralise waste management and energy generation. The project applies the ‘living lab’ concept to the generation of energy and management of food and human waste in urban precincts in Melbourne. It will investigate how and at what scale anaerobic digestion could be integrated into the Queen Victoria Market (QVM) precinct to produce an energy positive outcome, be acceptable to the community and reduce the pressure on existing urban waste infrastructure. It will require working closely with local government partner, City of Melbourne and other stakeholders such as C40 and Resilient Melbourne. Read more...


Dr Seona Candy
Research Fellow, Sustainable Food and Urban Systems

Sophie Jackson
Research Assistant