Climate Leader Collaboration Grants

With the support of the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation, our branch launched a small grants program to kickstart and pilot initiatives, providing learnings for Climate Reality Leaders near and far.

With the support of the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation, The Climate Reality Project - Australia and the Pacific launched a 2019/2020 small grants program. The objectives of the project are:
1) to foster collaboration between Climate Reality Leaders through the provision of funds.
2) to support local initiatives spread across different sectors and geographies.
3) to build local and business support for the Paris Agreement through community led engagement.

We collectively awarded 30 trained Climate Reality Leaders across a range of sectoral and geographical areas with small grants. From recently trained to long term Climate Reality Leaders, they are working together to implement their initiatives:

  • National Conference: “Environmental Crisis and Our Obligations to Act: Teachings from Islam and Abrahamic Faith Traditions.”
  • International Education Climate Action Summit
  • Songs of Kiribati: Music to inspire climate action in Australia
  • Carbon neutral marine tourism industry in the Whitsundays
  • Regenerative Agriculture curriculum pilot project
  • Climate Education Nexus
  • Enhancing coastal climate resilience and mitigation efforts
  • Protection and rehabilitation of mangroves
  • A remote renewable energy access plan
  • Torres Strait Islands - Australian high school students climate change expedition
  • Community bee-keeping for low carbon livelihoods

A National Conference to inspire climate action in the Australian Muslim community (pictured above) was presented by Climate Reality leaders in Queensland. The conference aimed to inspire participants to make lifestyle changes to reduce individual greenhouse gas emissions, as well as community projects such as the implementation of rooftop solar panel projects for mosques and homes. The conference also addressed mass biological extinctions and degrading environmental health. The Conference was held at the Griffith University Multi-Faith Centre, Nathan, Queensland in March, 2020 and three Climate Reality Leaders were among several presenters who spoke to the 65 participants (expected attendance was unfortunately impacted because of COVID19.)

Another small grant project initiative which is already being replicated in November 2020 is the International Education Climate Action Summit. The initial CANIE summit was held virtually with the support of one of our small grants in May, 2020 and aimed to increase awareness of the climate crisis and its solutions across the international education community. Nearly 500 people registered for the summit, and there were 342 attendees. The summit aimed to empower climate leadership within educational institutions and share stories across Australia, New Zealand and globally to increase climate awareness across the education sector and the public.