Prosthetic Habitats: Designing Urban Nests for the Powerful Owl


This project aims to deliver a cross-disciplinary solution to address habitat loss caused by urbanisation and its impacts on biodiversity within cities, using the University of Melbourne's Systems Garden to deploy and evaluate prosthetic nests for the Powerful Owl. Designs were developed in partnership with industry and municipal government stakeholders (Knox City Council). Read about this project in the Sydney Morning Herald here. You can download an article on this project published by the project team here.

Aims and Activities

This research aims to develop novel urban-biodiversity strategies through cross-disciplinary collaboration between design and science. As such, Prosthetic Habitats is proposed as an initial project which aligns the objectives of the Future Cities Cluster with those defined in the University of Melbourne’s Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP) 2017-2020.

Project Team

Dr Stanislav Roudavski, Academic, Architecture, Building and Planning

Dan Parker, Researcher

Dr Therésa Jones, Academic, BioSciences

Dr Kylie Soanes, Academic, Ecosystems and Forest Sciences