Making the City of Melbourne more inclusive for people with disability


This study brought together people with disability, City of Melbourne staff, disability advocates, and academics, with the aim of generating ideas on how to make the City of Melbourne more inclusive for people with disability. Throughout a series of workshops, 240 unique ideas were devised. The most promising ideas are being used to inform the City of Melbourne’s upcoming Disability Action Plan.

Aims and Activities

This project will map the barriers and enablers of inclusion for people with disability in the City of Melbourne (CoM). This project will pilot an innovative methodological approach 'Group Concept Mapping’, a collaborative mapping exercise between planners, disability advocates, disability experts, and people with disability.

Project Team

Dr Jerome Rachele, Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Equity
Dr Ilan Wiesel, Senior Lecturer, School of Geography
Dr Ellen van Holstein, Research Fellow in Urban Geography