Renewable Energy & Beyond

Location: Greenhouse Tent, Federation Square, Melbourne.

This forum is part of the Sustainable Living Festival.

Free entry, no bookings required

The transition to renewable energy is essential, though not enough in itself to create a sustainable society. Why? And what do we need to do, individually and collectively, to create such a society?

Join us in conversation with a panel of prominent guests, featuring globally renowned energy expert, Richard Heinberg, online from the USA. He’ll join Rescope Project Energy, Systems and Society Fellow, Josh Floyd, and energy and psychology researcher, Dr Andrea Bunting.

Fossil fuels have been central to the evolution of industrial society. We now know we need to replace them with renewable energy as quickly as possible to avoid catastrophic climate change and myriad other consequences. Like an egg seeking to replace its yolk, this is no simple task for industrial society, and has no precedent. We are not just looking at switching energy sources, but switching to a new kind of society. What is this society? And how can we get there as smoothly as possible?


Richard Heinberg is regarded as one of the world’s foremost advocates for a shift away from our current reliance on fossil fuels.

Josh Floyd is a researcher, speaker and consultant in energy, systems and societal futures.

Dr Andrea Bunting is a sustainable energy educator, consultant and researcher.

Moderated by Prof John Wiseman, Deputy Director of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute.

The Regenerating Society Series of 'SLF Big Weekend' public forums is presented in partnership with the The Rescope Project, the Ecocity World Summit and the 18th National Sustainable Living Festival.