Avowing the Political: Art and social change

Location: Carrillo Gantner Theatre, Sidney Myer Asia Centre, 761 Swanston St, University of Melbourne.

Artist and co-founder of The Canary Project Edward Morris will discuss the diverse ways in which artists can contribute to social movements to address climate change. He will draw on his own work creating and producing myriad projects – from the directly activist Green Patriot Posters to contemplative museum exhibitions – and also upon the work of other artists. He will discuss these projects in light of the ideas of organizer Marshal Ganz that to thrive all social movements need to the combined emotions of Anger, Urgency, Hope, Solidarity and the Feeling You Can Make a Difference.

Edward Morris is one half of the artist duo Sayler / Morris. He is also, along with his collaborator Susannah Sayler, the co-founder of The Canary Project, a studio that produces art and media to deepen public understanding of ecological issues such as climate change. Sayler / Morris’ work ranges from the contemplative to the straight-ahead activist, and they exhibit in diverse venues, including both science and art museums, as well public spaces. They are recent recipients of the David Brower Center ART/ACT Award and numerous other awards and fellowships. Sayler / Morris currently teach in the Transmedia Department at Syracuse University.

Presented by CLIMARTE and Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute as part of ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2017