Climate and Growth: An OECD perspective on the future we need

Location: Fritz Loewe Theatre, 1st Floor, McCoy Building (200) 253-275 Elgin St, Carlton, University of Melbourne.

Can we have strong climate action and robust economic growth at the same time? This question has long been at the forefront of national and international discussions on climate, and particularly so since the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2015. The OECD report, Investing in Climate, Investing in Growth, lays out the economic case for integrating climate policy into the heart of mainstream economic policy and demonstrates that there does not need to be a trade-off between climate action, sustained growth and inclusive economic wellbeing. Combining pro-growth structural and fiscal reforms with coherent climate policy and the alignment of policies across the economy is the key to reorienting our economies towards a low carbon future and increasing resilience to the effects of climate change. This lecture will focus on what governments can to do boost economic growth and enhance productivity without locking the world into a high-emissions future.

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Speaker: Anthony Cox is the Acting Director of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Environment Directorate where he leads OECD efforts to develop and communicate evidence-based advice to governments, with the aim at helping them improve the domestic and international performance of their policies in the area of environment.