New discussion paper: Growing a Clean Economy

This discussion paper identifies some key opportunities for state and territory-level governments in Australia to work towards fostering strong economies that facilitate deep emissions reductions by 2050.

MSSI researchers, Dr Laura Schuijers and Professor Don Henry, with their colleague Dr Ben Parr, argue that now is a critical time to grasp opportunities for state-level action on climate change. They have released a new discussion paper that highlights the broad range of powers state-level governments can harness across multiple sectors to deliver progress toward a clean, ‘net-zero’ economy.

The report includes key policy recommendations for the energy, transport, finance, healthcare, land, planning, and the built environment sectors.

The paper addresses how joint state-level action could be affected through a ‘Clean Economy Agreement’, modelled off the successful inter-state/provincial agreement between West Coast US States and the Canadian Province of British Columbia, and through a platform for shared learnings. It also explores how the transition to a cleaner economy can support fossil fuel dependent communities in a just and equitable way.