COVID19: Caring for our community

The team at MSSI recognise the current context of COVID-19 is producing unusual challenges to everyone within our immediate communities and across the globe, and our thoughts are with all our stakeholders, students, friends and communities during this time.

We are particularly conscious of those in the Australian community who were affected by devastating fires over summer and are now having to rebuild in a challenging context.

Updates on how the University of Melbourne is working through the COVID-19 situation are available at: We also offer links below to a number of online resources from our MSSI team and collaborators, to help provide some diversion and respite from the uncertainty we are all no doubt experiencing in relation to the health and wellbeing of our people, animals and planet.

  • Read this resource on looking after your mental health during the coronavirus period.
  • Watch MSSI Associate Dr Grant Blashki's tips on remaining calm during the pandemic.
  • Listen to this podcast, or read the transcript of the interview, with Rebecca Solnit on disaster, connection, and 'falling together'.
  • Apply this action plan for living more on less in these financially challenging times.
  • Learn more about the role of mindfulness in supporting simple living.
  • Read this article in The Conversation on how changes brought about by coronavirus could help tackle climate change.
  • Download some of MSSI Research Fellow Dr Sam Alexander’s books on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis.
  • Enjoy a great range of outstanding live streamed music, theatre, dance, visual arts and more at the Social Distancing Festival.
  • Find some solace in this listening care package for uncertain times from On Being.

We hope you remain safe, well and supported throughout these next weeks and months, and look forward to connecting more fully in the not too distant future.