Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change

Location: Elisabeth Murdoch Theatre, University of Melbourne.

The forum was hosted by the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute and marked the launch of this first progress report of the 5 key indices;

  1. Health Impacts
  2. Health Adaptation
  3. Co-benefits of Mitigation
  4. Finance an Economics
  5. Broader Social Context


  • Host: Associate Professor Grant Blashki, Nossal Institute, University of Melbourne
  • Prof Mark Stevenson, Professor of Urban Transport and Public Health, University of Melbourne
  • Prof Rob Moodie, Melbourne School of Population Health, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Kathryn Bowen, Senior Research Fellow, Australian National University
  • Fiona Armstrong, Executive Director, Climate and Health Alliance
  • Dr John Iser, Chair Vic Committee DEA, Doctors for the Environment