So, you're finishing your PhD in a pandemic. What's next?

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  • Webinar

COVID-19 presents a massive disruption to the academic workforce. PhD students and early career researchers are worried about their future career prospects inside academia and confused about their options outside the university walls. In this one hour lecture Associate Professor Inger Mewburn (better known as @thesiswhisperer) uses her team’s research on the post-PhD job market to:

  • Enhance understanding of the changed academic job market, analysing the effects of hiring freezes and travel restrictions.
  • Increase awareness of career opportunities in industry; which sectors are looking for research talent?
  • Discuss how to approach the non-academic job market with more confidence.

This lecture is designed for PhD students, supervisors and policy makers. This event is co-hosted by MSSI, the Climate Energy College and Australasian Early Career Urban Research Network.

Associate Professor Inger Mewburn has a background as a designer and a researcher, which was nurtured at the University of Melbourne and RMIT University. Since 2006, she has worked exclusively with PhD students and early career academics, helping them finish complex research projects with (sometimes very) demanding stakeholders. She’s passionate about helping people reach their potential as researchers and helping to create a kinder, more inclusive academy.

Inger is currently the Director of Researcher Development at The Australian National University where she oversees professional development workshops and programs for all ANU researchers. Aside from creating new posts on the Thesis Whisperer blog, she writes scholarly papers, books and book chapters about research education, with a special interest in post PhD employability. A full list of her scholarly work is available via her Google Scholar page or OrcidID.