Driving Clean Investment and the Costs of Climate Inaction

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  • Webinar

In this second of MSSI’s Climate Change Series Towards 2030: Climate Action for the Crucial Decade Ahead we focus on the economic dimensions. The role of investment in climate action is a crucial part of the Paris Agreement. Government and industry have the potential to participate in a virtuous circle of rising ambition to decarbonise the economy.

In this webinar, Professor Tom Kompas explores his recent research which quantifies damages of climate impacts, and models the economic benefits of strong climate action.  Emma Herd discusses the opportunities for business from clean investment strategies and the risks businesses face if they fail to adapt to a decarbonising economy. Ian Learmonth provides learnings on how to facilitate clean energy investment and the types of relative low cost investments that need to be accelerated to achieve the 2030 goals.

Followed by Q&A discussion, moderated by Professor Don Henry.


Tom Kompas is a Professor of Environmental Economics and Biosecurity at the University of Melbourne. Tom’s research specialises in large-dimensional economic modelling for trade and climate change, cost-benefit analysis and natural resource and environmental economics. His bioeconomic modelling and biosecurity research has been published in the world’s leading international journals.

Emma Herd has worked in climate change, sustainability, public policy and finance for almost twenty years in both corporate and government roles. She is currently on the Steering Committee of the Australian Sustainable Finance Initiative and of Climate Action 100+.

Ian Learmonth joined the CEFC as Chief Executive Officer in 2017 with more than 30 years experience as a financier and investor across markets in Asia, Europe and Australia. He has worked in asset finance and securitisation, clean energy and major infrastructure projects, as well as pioneering social impact investments.