Climate Action in the time of Trump

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Location: Japanese Room, Level 4 Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne.

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As part of its Climate Conversations series, the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) is pleased to co-host an upcoming conversation in partnership with Dumbo Feather magazine, discussing reflections from leaders at the forefront of the Australian climate advocacy movement. What makes them hopeful in the time of Trump? What have we learnt? Where to next?

The panelists will draw on their rich experience across a range of organisations in Australia’s climate activist movement that have been working to mobilise communities; shape the response to, and action on, climate change by both government and business; and shift the broader social and cultural conversation around climate change in Australia.

They will share their perspectives on the challenges and successes of recent initiatives, the lessons that they’ve taken from these experiences, and their view on what these mean for the future direction and priorities for climate activism in Australia.

This conversation is part of Dumbo Feather’s upcoming special issue on climate change and the environment, co-edited by Anna Rose.


Anna Rose - Author and Myer Foundation Innovation Fellow

Victoria McKenzie McHarg - President, Climate Action Network Australia

Kirsty Albion - National Director, Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Katerina Gaita - Founding Director, Climate for Change.