Dr Stephanie Lavau

Water Futures Network

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Dr Stephanie Lavau coordinates the MSSI Water Futures Network, and is a Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Environmental Practice with the Office for Environmental Programs. Her research and teaching focus on social and cultural aspects of environment management, knowledge and governance, particularly in relation to water management and biodiversity conservation.

Stephanie's research is primarily qualitative and ethnographic, and is situated at the intersection of science and technology studies, human geography, and environmental sociology. She has studied sustainable river management in Australia (funded by an APA and CSIRO); the extension of biosecurity policy into food production and environmental management in Britain (funded by ESRC); the socio-technical challenges of biological control for crop protection in Britain (funded by Plymouth University); the role of biological indicators in lay and expert apprehensions of environmental change (funded by ISSR); and community engagement in waterways management (funded by Melbourne Water).

Stephanie leads the "Community participation in waterways management" research theme and is a member of the Research Management Committee for the Melbourne Waterway Research-Practice Partnership.

Recent Publications:

  • Gramatakos, A. and Lavau, S. (2019) 'Informal learning for sustainability in higher education institutions' , International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 20(2).
  • Onori, A., Lavau, S. and Fletcher, T. (2018) 'Implementation as more than installation: a case study of the challenges in implementing green infrastructure projects in two Australian primary schools' , Urban Water Journal, 15(9).
  • Lavau, S. (2018) 'Accumulating goods: Valuing practices in the production of insects for crop protection', The SAGE Handbook of Nature, SAGE Publications Limited.
  • Lavau, S. and Stuart-Watt, A. (2018) 'Engaging communities with catchment thinking in an urban context', Melbourne Waterway Research Practice Partnership.
  • Lavau, S., Rawluk, A., Sbeghen, M., Zhang, C. and Lkhagvasuren, A. (2018) 'Community experiences of volunteer work in waterway management', Melbourne Waterway Research Practice Partnership.
  • Lavau, S. and Bingham, N. (2017) 'Practices of attention, possibilities for care: Making situations matter in food safety inspection' , The Sociological Review, 65.

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