Dr Samuel Alexander

Research Fellow - Sustainable Economy and Consumption

Dr Samuel Alexander is a Research Fellow with the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute and a lecturer with the Office for Environmental Programs. He teaches a course called ‘Consumerism and the Growth Economy: Critical Interdisciplinary Perspectives’ as part of the Master of Environment.

Sam’s interdisciplinary research focuses on post-growth economics, voluntary simplicity, ‘grassroots’ theories of transition, and the relationship between culture and political economy.

Sam's books include Degrowth in the Suburbs (2018), Carbon Civilisation and the Energy Descent Future (2018), Art Against Empire: Toward an Aesthetics of Degrowth (2017)Just Enough is Plenty: Thoreau’s Alternative Economics (2016), Deface the Currency: The Lost Dialogues of Diogenes (2016), Prosperous Descent: Crisis as Opportunity in an Age of Limits (2015), Sufficiency Economy: Enough, for Everyone, Forever (2015), and Entropia: Life Beyond Industrial Civilisation (2013). He is also editor of Voluntary Simplicity: The Poetic Alternative to Consumer Culture (2009) and co-editor of Simple Living in History: Pioneers of the Deep Future (2014).

Most of his writings are available here.

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