Dr Samuel Alexander

Research Fellow - Sustainable Economy and Consumption

Dr Samuel Alexander is a Research Fellow with the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute and a lecturer with the Office for Environmental Programs. He teaches a course called ‘Consumerism and the Growth Economy: Critical Interdisciplinary Perspectives’ as part of the Master of Environment.

Alexander’s interdisciplinary research focuses on post-growth economics, voluntary simplicity, ‘grassroots’ theories of transition, and the relationship between culture and political economy.

His books include Just Enough is Plenty: Thoreau’s Alternative Economics (2016)Deface the Currency: The Lost Dialogues of Diogenes (2016); Prosperous Descent: Crisis as Opportunity in an Age of Limits (2015)Sufficiency Economy: Enough, for Everyone, Forever (2015); and Entropia: Life Beyond Industrial Civilisation (2013); he is also editor of Voluntary Simplicity: The Poetic Alternative to Consumer Culture (2009) and co-editor of Simple Living in History: Pioneers of the Deep Future (2014).

Most of his writings are available here.

Featured media releases:  Entropia: Life Beyond Industrial Civilisation Simple Living in History: Pioneers of the Deep Future

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