Alex Rushan

Project Officer, The Climate Reality Project

Alex Rushan has a background in community engagement, program management, and education in the social impact space both locally and abroad. She joins MSSI as a Project Officer at The Climate Reality Project, an international organisation founded by Al Gore.

Prior to joining MSSI, Alex obtained a Bachelor of International Development Studies from the Australian Catholic University (ACU). She has completed placements abroad in Timor Leste (2014) as well as Nang Rong, Thailand (2012 - 2015), and has worked with various organisations in the NFP, NGO and Corporate Social Responsibility sector from World Vision Australia, to the Telstra Foundation.

She has spent the last 2.5 years working as a Program Manager in adult education specific to human-centred design (HCD), emerging technology, and entrepreneurship primarily with NFPs and Startups.

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