Professor Boris Frankel

Professor Boris Frankel is a social theorist, political economist and cultural critic.

Professor Frankel

Professor Boris Frankel has had over 40 years teaching and research experience at universities in Australia, Europe and the USA. Prior to joining MSSI, Professor Frankel was Principal Honorary Fellow in the School of Land and Environment and the Australian Centre for Science, Innovation and Society at the University of Melbourne.

Professor Frankel has a strong research interest in Australian and international comparative political economy and social policy. He has also researched in the areas of globalisation, the knowledge economy, alternative industry and environmental policies, community development, social change movements, theories of the state, and issues of democratic governance.

A long experienced media commentator and participant in policy debates, his books include Beyond the State?, The Post Industrial Utopians, From the Prophets Deserts Come, When the Boat Comes In: Transforming Australia in the Age of Globalisation and Zombies, Lilliputians and Sadists: The Power of the Living Dead and the Future of Australia. Professor Frankel's work has been included in anthologies alongside leading international theorists and social scientists as well as being translated into numerous languages.

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Professor Frankel's current research interests include the socio-political problems of transitioning to a post-carbon economy with a particular focus on creating sustainable employment, and public services in a volatile global economy characterised by high indebtedness, fiscal crises, political gridlock and bitter resistance by powerful socio-economic forces against necessary public policy measures to protect endangered local and global habitats and biodiversity.