Professor Louise Johnson

Louise is a human geographer specialising in the research and policy development of regional economies, suburban housing and urban access and inclusion.

Dr Louise Johnson is an Honorary Professor at Deakin University and Honorary Professorial Fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne. As well teaching in Australian and New Zealand universities for over 40 years, Louise has a solid record of research, policy development and community activism. A human geographer, she has researched suburban housing, changing manufacturing workplaces and the dynamics of Australian regional economies. She has studied Geelong’s textile industry, documented the experiences of displaced car industry workers, women in the service sector and the growth of the creative industries. This work has informed policy development and service interventions. Louise has also done research on urban access and inclusion and on the Indigenous absence in Australian urban planning. In 2011 she received the Institute of Australian Geographers Australia and International Medal for her contribution to urban, social and cultural geography.