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Social Sustainability

This research explores the policy and planning links between land use, transport, environmental sustainability, social inclusion and wellbeing. The work seeks to better understand the role of land use and transport in fostering the wellbeing of people and communities who are at risk of being excluded from societal benefits and experience the greatest disadvantages in the context of continuing climate change. These issues are considered in urban and rural environments, with reference to developed and developing countries.


Aims and activities

  • To undertake research in the field that seeks to better understand the facilitators and inhibitors to achieving social and environmental sustainability.
  • The aim is for this work to lead to practical outcomes with improved policy and planning by practitioners and more inclusive involvement of local communities. This is achieved through close local liaisons with government, as well as influencing global players in this area.
  • To work closely with other colleagues in Australia and internationally.
  • To disseminate findings with publications and conversations in order to contribute to the building of knowledge in this area and establishing a wider network of influence.


Selected publications

Forthcoming book: Stanley, JK, & Stanley J.R. and Hansen, R. (2017 February) How Great Cities Happen: Integrating People, Land Use and Transport, Edward Elgar, UK.

Cordoba, D., Stanley, J. & Stanley, J. (2014) Reducing social exclusion in highly disadvantaged districts in Medellin, Columbia, through the provision of a cable-car, Social Inclusion, 2, 4, 1-13.

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Stanley, J K, Hensher D., Stanley, J R & Vella-Brodrick, D. (2011) Mobility, social exclusion and well-being: exploring the links, Transportation Research A, 45, 8, 789-801.


A/Prof Janet Stanley, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute

Prof John Stanley, Sydney University

Dr Chris Lowe, Bus Association Victoria