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Research Papers

MSSI Papers reflects work undertaken by members of the Institute’s scholarly research community (within and beyond the University) and visitors.  Our Research Papers are a key communication initiative of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, aimed at stimulating thought and discussion within the University of Melbourne and broader community and showcasing the scholarship of MSSI. The vision for the Series is cutting-edge, rigorous and engaging papers that not only introduce, represent or respond to existing research, but test out new ideas and help set the agenda around sustainability.


They Make the Change: roles of actors in transitions

Dr Fjalar de Haan and Jan Rotmans, November 2016
A theoretical framework of transformative change and the systems it happens to...

Is Global Collapse Imminent?

Dr Graham Turner, August 2014
New research on the 1970's text Limits to Growth, shows it may be correct and we are nearing collapse...

The Ideology of the Anthropocene

Dr Jeremy Baskin, May 2014
A later version of this paper 'Paradigm dressed as Epoch: the ideology of the Anthropocene', is available in the journal Environmental Values 24 (2015): 9-29.

Resilience and Justice

Dr Susan F. Fainstein, October 2013


Resilience and its Discontents

Prof Brendan Gleeson, August 2013