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Dr Paul Read

Dr Paul Read is a Research Fellow with the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, a senior lecturer and research supervisor at Monash University.  Paul supervises students on inter-generational equity, online psychology, crime, arson, bushfires and the UN SDGs. Over the past decade Paul's work with Prof Janet Stanley has focused on the confluence of disasters resilience and sustainable societies from a 'human needs' perspective. The former focuses on forensic psychology, the way climate change interacts with social disadvantage to increase the risk of arson; how Crime Stoppers, police and firefighting agencies can work with local communities and government policy to mitigate risk among youth. This is a much-neglected aspect of sustainable societies because crime itself is affected by climate change and its (industrial/policy) drivers.  Alongside criminal trends within and across countries, the work expands again to global disaster resilience against transcultural and mulit-disciplinary metrics of human needs focused on transnational and intergenerational equity. Paul’s work in sustainable societies spans 30 years of thinking to find empirical evidence for human needs across UN indices, time and cultures – minimising crime, war and disease whilst maximising human health, positive wellbeing, biodiversity and sustainable economic growth within a carbon-constrained future. This uses evidence ranging from modern medicine and the human genome, through history to paleoanthropology and comparative animal physiology, to future policy and economic adaptation. Paul's multidisciplinary background and qualifications span economics, psychology, criminology, adolescent and family health, paediatric medicine, transcultural psychiatry, emergency services, quantitative methods and global communications. A former fellow of the International Melbourne-Harvard Leadership Program, Paul has 20 years’ experience in using online technology for transcultural reach, cultural change and education using qualitative and quantitative methods. Paul has consulted to local, state and federal governments in Australia, corporations and charities worldwide, as well as Oxfam, the UN and WHO.