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Jeremy Hobbs

Jeremy Hobbs is the Director of Hobbs Consulting and the former Executive Director of Oxfam International since October 2001, having served on the Oxfam International Board since its inception in 1996 in his capacity as Executive Director of Oxfam Australia.  He represented Oxfam on key development and security issues at the UN, the WTO, the G8 and other multilateral institutions, on trade, aid effectiveness, climate change and humanitarian issues.  He represented Oxfam on corporate accountability issues in several sectors; community displacement and land rights, labour rights and climate change, and served for several years on the UN Global Compact Advisory Council.

Hobbs was also Director of the International Support Service, a not-for-profit development consulting firm, and he established the Community Aid Abroad Ethical Investment Fund.

Hobbs studied Social Work at the University of West Australia, and has a vast background in community development, particularly with regards to Indigenous rights, for which he maintained a strong focus during his appointment as Executive Director of Oxfam Community Aid Abroad in Australia.