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Peers and Partners: How Australia compares on climate policy

Briefing Paper 1


Executive Summary

This briefing paper compares what the Australian government is doing on climate change with the countries
most relevant and important to Australia: allies and trading partners.
The paper looks at China, the UK, South Korea, and the US. Examining what peers and partners are doing
on climate policy gives a practical sense of how Australia compares with the countries most critical to its

Key findings:

  • Major trading partners and allies are doing more on climate change policy than Australia, taking a more comprehensive and innovative approach and showing more vision
  • Australia is lagging behind on policy areas such as energy efficiency, vehicle emissions and carbon pricing and is not showing leadership
  • In the countries examined, climate policies have often been implemented by conservative parties
  • Durable, stable climate policies tend to have bipartisan support.





    Cathy Alexander
    Research Fellow
    Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute

    6 October 2015




     Executive Summary

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