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Green roofs for Melbourne

Brendan Gleeson talks to The Age about a "green renovation" of Melbourne...

New Cookbook: Planet to Plate

MSSI and Earth Hour have released Planet to Plate: The Earth Hour Cookbook ­ a collection of 52 amazing recipes from Australia’s biggest culinary names.

What will our cities look like in 2043?

Brendan Gleeson gives us an insight into his future vision for our cities for the launch of the new television series 12 Monkeys.

Appetite for Change: MSSI report

Report outlining the effects climate change will have on the production, quality and cost of Australia’s food in the future.


Intergenerational Report avoids climate

Prof Peter Christoff writes for The Conversation: Climate is an intergenerational issue, but the report ducked it...



Quantifying the Impact of Climate Change

New ground-breaking scientific research can now tell us just how much of an influence climate change has on a single heatwave or heat records...

Averting a Water Crisis

Seven billion people, not enough clean water, groundwater running out, rivers contaminated by chemicals...