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After Paris—what now for climate policy and research?

Our first Climate Conversations seminar for 2016 kicked off with a robust discussion from our Paris COP21 delegates...

Australia needs a fresh start on climate policy: authority

Australia needs to “reset” discussions related to climate policy, according to the government’s advisory body on climate policy.

India is focused on energy and poverty, but it can still sign a global climate deal

Why would a country with a third of its population living in poverty support a global agreement at the Paris climate talks

Cities Roundtable with The Hon Minister Briggs

MSSI hosts a roundtable discussion with the new Minister for Cities and leading academic thinkers...

Making Melbourne resilient

The City of Melbourne & MSSI announce new Chair in Resilient Cities to provide a key point of leadership...

Ecocity conference puts Melbourne's sustainability credentials centre stage

Melbourne wins bid for Ecocity World Summit 2017...

Delivering Sustainable Urban Mobility

A new ACOLA report shows that Australia's cities are not sustainable and a major rethink is required...

Environmental politics update

Have Australia’s environmental groups failed? Can capitalism solve climate change?