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Habitat III in Quito: the calm before the storm

Our delegates are on the ground in Quito for the UN Habitat III conference, establishing an agenda on global urban sustainability.

Building a sustainable world depends on our cities

A once-in-twenty year opportunity to drive the world’s urban agenda is happening this October at the UN’s Habitat III conference. Will Australia have its say?

Canada lets the states lead on climate, should Australia do the same?

After her recent visit to Canada, Cathy Alexander outlines why Australia might just follow their lead on climate policy...

Bushfire prevention needs a new focus

MSSI Researchers outline their research on a new approach to bushfire prevention...

Forest Industry Taskforce reaches major milestone

MSSI's Don Henry plays a key role in Forest Industry Taskforce recommendations to the Victorian Government...

MSSI at the Melbourne Writers Festival

The MSSI team tackled climate change issues by 'imagining the future' at the recent Melbourne Writers Festival...

Habitat III: the biggest conference you’ve probably never heard of

More than 25,000 delegates will meet in Quito in October to set out the UN's urban development agenda. But the Australian government is yet to play a major role in the process...

'Eco-civilisation' could help world meet Paris targets

‘Eco-civilisation’ could be key to delivering on the Paris Agreement, says new MSSI research