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Melbourne University launches Sustainability Plan

Sustainability Plan sets agenda for University’s response to environmental and climate challenges

Resilient Cities: focus for newly appointed Chair

Prof Lars Coenen has commenced as the inaugural chair in Resilient Cities, a City of Melbourne and University of Melbourne initiative that aims to improve resilience to sustainability challenges.

Al Gore to be Principal Speaker at Ecocity Summit

Mr Gore will be visiting Melbourne in July 2017 to deliver his famous slide presentation on climate change.

Climate change and the future of our food

Spaghetti Bolognaise: how climate change will threaten this popular dish...

Marrakech: climate talks battled through a Trump tsunami

Prof Robyn Eckerlsey reports from the climate negotiations in Marrakech

Habitat III in Quito: the calm before the storm

Our delegates are on the ground in Quito for the UN Habitat III conference, establishing an agenda on global urban sustainability.

Building a sustainable world depends on our cities

A once-in-twenty year opportunity to drive the world’s urban agenda is happening this October at the UN’s Habitat III conference. Will Australia have its say?

Canada lets the states lead on climate, should Australia do the same?

After her recent visit to Canada, Cathy Alexander outlines why Australia might just follow their lead on climate policy...