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Nations take forward global climate action

The first UNFCCC international climate negotiations (COP22) following the successful Paris Agreement, was recently held in Marrakech Morrocco.  MSSI’s Professor Don Henry represented the University of Melbourne and provided advice to governments key to the negotiations and also to Al Gore’s Climate Reality team.

The two weeks of negotiations focused on setting the detailed rules for the implementation of the Paris Agreement and reporting on national progress to commitments.

A crucial outcome of the Marrakech climate conference was to move forward on writing the rule book, or operational manual, of the Paris Agreement. Countries have agreed that implementation will be set on a fast track date of 2018 for completion.  Governments made progress across key areas of climate action including climate finance, adaptation, capacity building, technology and gender-responsiveness.

Many countries, states, regions, cities and companies, also launched a new initiative dubbed the 2050 pathways platform designed to support all those seeking to devise long-term, net zero-greenhouse gas, climate-resilient and sustainable development pathways.

Further impressive announcements were made by cities and sub-national governments to investors and business as part of the Global Climate Action (GCA).

The Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action aims to provide a strong roadmap for how the UNFCCC process will catalyse and support climate action was also launched.