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Kathryn Bowen

Kathryn Bowen is a social epidemiologist working at the nexus of global change, health and governance issues. Her formal qualifications are BA/Psyc (Hons) (Newcastle) and MSc (International Health) (Humboldt & Frei Universities, Berlin). She submitted her PhD in early 2014, through the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, ANU.

Kathryn has worked in global health research and policy since 1999, across public, private and university sectors. She is a Research Fellow within the Earth System Governance project, and a Fellow of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership.

Along with five friends, she was a founding board member of Just Change, a climate change and equity organisation and she sits on an environment advisory committee for the City of Melbourne.

Currently, her main work is a range of multi-country consultancies for the World Health Organization (country and regional offices) on climate change and health, as well as working with City of Melbourne on a climate change adaptation project funded by the State government. She has just completed a four-year multi-country study funded by AusAID, which investigated the factors that influence the development of adaptive capacity in the Asia Pacific. From 2015 she will be developing a climate change and health module for an MPH program in Uganda.

Kathryn is committed to being part of a solutions-focused sustainability community working to harness skills and passion to support international development that is truly sustainable, healthy and equitable.

In May 2015, Kathryn was selected to attend the Future Earth Young Scientists Networking Conference in Lake Como, Italy. Read more...