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Issues Papers

Our Issues Papers reflect work undertaken by members of the Institute’s scholarly research community (within and beyond the University) and visitors. MSSI strives to inform and stimulate public conversation about key sustainability questions facing our society. Our Issues Papers provide information and trigger discussion about these issues. Each paper encapsulates the insights of a thinker or practitioner in sustainability. Although material is often closely informed by peer-reviewed academic research, the papers themselves are presented in a clear, discursive style that appeals to a broad readership. The views and opinions contained within MSSI publications are solely those of the author/s and do not reflect those held by MSSI, the University of Melbourne or any other relevant party. 


The case for investing in last resort housing

Ellen Witte, March 2017

How will the NDIS change Australian cities?

Ilan Wiesel, Carolyn Whitzman, Christine Bigby and Brendan Gleeson, February 2017

Protecting the public interest in Melbourne's rail franchise

Dr John Stone, David Ashmore, Yvonne Kirk, February 2017

Cities of the Future: what should be their form?

A/Prof Janet Stanley, MSSI Research Fellow, October 2016

Policies for a Post-Growth Economy

Samuel Alexander, MSSI Research Fellow, April 2016

Outing the Invisible Academic: how researchers can get the hearing they deserve

Cathy Alexander, MSSI Research Fellow, April 2015

Fossil Free: the development and significance of the fossil fuel divestment movement

Professor John Wiseman, Kara Nicholson and Dr Samuel Alexander, September 2014

Coming Through Slaughter: ecology of the urban age

Professor Brendan Gleeson, June 2014

The New Economics of Oil

Dr Samuel Alexander, March 2014

Melbourne Sustainability

Professor Patrick Troy, August 2013