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Executive Committee

Name Title Contact
A/Professor Peter Christoff Associate Professor, Geography, School of Geography 8344 0805
Room: 239, 207-221 Bouverie St., Parkville
Professor Richard Eckard Director, Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre
Professor Robyn Eckersley School of Social & Political Sciences
Professor Brendan Gleeson Director, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute 9035 7885
Room: 304, Melbourne School of Design
Professor Don Henry Melbourne Enterprise Professor of Environmentalism 8344 1662
Room: 306, Melbourne School of Design
Dr Dominique Hes Senior Lecturer, Melbourne School of Design 8344 4230
Room: 334, Melbourne School of Design
Professor David Karoly Professor of Atmospheric Science
Dr Jeana Kriewaldt Senior Leader - Clinical Teaching Practice, Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Dr Stephanie Lavau Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Environmental Practice
A/Professor Malte Meinshausen Director, Australian-German Climate & Energy College
Dr Ben Neville Senior Lecturer, Department of Management & Marketing 8344 1907
Room: 9.48, The Spot, University of Melbourne
Professor Nikos Papastergiadis RUPC Director, School of Culture and Communication
Craig Prebble Executive Officer, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute 8344 3099
Room: 307, Melbourne School of Design
Professor Chris Ryan Director, Victorian Eco Innovation Lab
Professor Anne Steinemann Professor of Civil Engineering, and Chair of Sustainable Cities 8344 5001
Room: C315, Engineering Block C
A/Professor Kathryn Williams Director, Office for Environmental Programs
Professor Stephan Winter Professor for Spatial Information Science 8344 7875
Room: B305, Engineering Block D, Parkville
Professor John Wiseman Deputy Director, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute 9035 4951
Room: 305, Melbourne School of Design
A/Professor Margaret Young Director of Studies, Environmental law 8344 1097
Room: 0828, Law Building, Parkville