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Blog: Paris Climate Summit

At the Paris climate summit, countries have finally agreed on a new treaty to address global warming. A team of researchers from the University of Melbourne who attended the summit, have written their expert analysis and commentary here. Pour les francophones, nos articles sont également disponibles en français ici et aussi ici. Keep in the loop via @MSSIMelb #COP21 #climatechange


By Robyn Eckersley, 12 December

This climate deal is a vindication of multilateralism. We unpack what's in the deal, who helped land it - and who tried to stand in the way.




By University of Melbourne researchers and associates, 12 December

The deal is done. After two long weeks, the UN climate summit reached an agreement. But is it strong enough - and will it work? Our experts give their responses.


By John Wiseman, 12 December
Climate action by cities and regions will play a crucial role in achieving the new Paris Climate Agreement goal...




By Cathy Alexander, 11 December

The climate summit is due to finish within hours. What are the most likely outcomes, and what does it mean for our future climate?




By John Wiseman, 10 December

Whatever the Paris deal is this weekend, it won't be enough to ensure a safe climate. Here's what the world needs to do after Paris to keep the momentum going and give humanity a sustainable future.



By Stan Krpan, 10 December

Being at the COP summit has been eye-opening, and has reminded me that we need to look beyond techno-fixes on climate change to focus on people and communities.



By Kate Dooley and Doreen Stabinsky, 10 December

Making a climate agreement comes down to a simple number: 1.5. Scientists consider that if this is breached, we will risk passing critical tipping points. What does all this mean?



By Guy Abrahams, 10 December

What does art have to do with ensuring a sustainable climate? We describe some of the many art and cultural installations focussed on climate change, which are spread across Paris.



By Cathy Alexander, 9 December

China's Emissions Trading Scheme starts in 2017. Here's an update on what we know about China's scheme, fresh from the Paris summit. And there's some sleeper issues here for Australia ... 



By Arron Wood, 9 December

National governments may be in the limelight at Paris - but local governments are stepping up with concrete actions to cut emissions. Here's a perspective from a local councillor at the climate summit.



By Adam Bumpus and Joelle Auffray, 9 December

As the Spectre of climate change is recognised, can ‘Climate Fiction’ movies Awaken the Force to deal with it?




By Richard Eckhard, 9 December

The climate summit is largely leaving farming and food security to other organisations - but these issues shouldn't fly under the radar. Here's some suggestions on what the summit could do.




By Robyn Eckersley, 7 December

There is a profound disconnect between Australia’s international climate diplomacy and its national climate and energy policies...




By Don Henry, 7 December 

Is India being 'difficult' in these climate negotiations? We take a look at the climate finance needed to assist developing countries adapt to climate change.




By Tim Flannery, 6 December

As debate rages on what temperature cap the UN summit should aim for, Tim Flannery calls it out as a fake debate and says the negotiators are ignoring one field which could ensure a safe climate.



By Peter Christoff, 6 December

At the half-way point the Paris summit is not on track to nail an adequate deal - but there are some glimmers of hope.




By Cathy Alexander, 6 December

Here's how the French media is reporting on the climate summit: the negotiations are progressing well, moving like a snail, or an ‘immense pantomime’ (depending on what you read).



By Anika Molesworth, 5 December

A NSW farmer at the Paris summit has found that farmers in poorer countries face severe challenges with climate change - and she warns that we can't rely on technology alone to fix it. Here are her ideas on possible solutions.


By David Karoly, 4 December

What chances do you want our government to take that will expose you and your family, or other people around the world, to dangerous climate change? David Karoly thinks we should be committing to greater emission reductions than the Turnbull government has taken to Paris...



By John Wiseman, 2 December

Reconciling the twin challenges of climate justice with speedy action to cut emissions is no easy task. We look at what's being said about the subject at the Paris summit



By Cathy Alexander, 2 December

Millions of people are expected to migrate as climate change hits home. What will happen to them, and is the Paris summit dodging the issue? UPDATE: this post has been translated into French (click on the story to find the translation).




By Peter Christoff, 30 November

Today, in a renovated aircraft hanger in northern Paris, climate negotiators representing some 195 countries start to hammer out a new international climate deal...



By Robyn Eckersley, 27 November

It's already being hailed a success, but can the Paris summit really chart a path to avoid dangerous climate change? We look beyond the diplomatic-speak and ask some tough questions.



By Anika Molesworth, 26 November

We don't seem to be hearing much about farmers ahead of these negotiations, but climate change will have a major impact on agriculture. A NSW farmer fills us in. UPDATE: French translation available.



By Ben Parr, 23 November

India will be one of the most-watched countries at the UN summit. We ask what it's doing on climate change - from solar power to farming and transport. But will it need help to reach its targets?



By Cathy Alexander, 17 November

Confused about what these negotiations are trying to do? We've summed it up in 400 words without a single piece of jargon. You'll be across the issue before your tram arrives. 



By PhD students at the University of Melbourne, 17 November 

We've crunched the numbers and found just one country with higher emissions per head of population than Australia - guess who? We've prepared factsheets on 155 countries' emissions and pledges to reduce carbon pollution. Get ready to dive in - all the numbers you need are here.



By John Wiseman, 16 November

The summit will be more than ministers tucked away in negotiations. There are events about climate change and health, cities, art and civil society - read our overview here.



By Cathy Alexander, 16 November

It's a full-time job just keeping up with the jargon used in climate change negotiations. Ahead of the Paris summit, take our quiz to see how you're doing.



By Anita Talberg, 16 November

One of the biggest obstacles at Paris is working out what each country's 'fair share' is on reducing emissions. This post calculates that fair share, and also shows what key countries would have to do to take the lead in capping global warming at 2 degrees.


By Cathy Alexander, 16 November

The Paris summit will be a ‘green beauty pageant’ of countries’ climate change policies. How will Australia measure up? Are we out in front – or lagging behind? This post compares Australia with China, the UK, South Korea and the US.


By Anita Talberg, 15 November

Climate change negotiations feature plenty of confusing names and acronyms. Read our guide to get on top of the language – and impress your friends.