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The Climate Reality Project


The Climate Reality Project’s mission is to catalyse a global solution to the climate crisis. Through undertaking a program of science communication and translation activities, The Climate Reality Project works to enable citizens at every level of society to become leaders of change.

Founded and chaired by former Vice President Al Gore following the release of An Inconvenient Truth, Climate Reality has been a pioneer in building a diverse set of voices on climate change. Internationally, over 10,000 individuals have been trained to better communicate and engage on this pressing issue. In Australia, one in fifty individuals have been directly reached through a presentation.

In 2015, through the Paris Agreement, the world committed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and working towards a safe and sustainable future. Climate Reality is uniting millions of people from all corners of the globe and all walks of life to see that the commitment to limit the global temperature rise to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius is not only fulfilled but strengthened.

These efforts traverse both the global and the local, transcending the political and engaging broadly throughout the community. The Project works across all sectors of society, from farmers and emergency responders to educators and the business sector.

The Climate Reality Project is helping our society strive together to implement solutions to climate change, in Australia and the broader Asia-Pacific region. Previously, Climate Reality has hosted educators from India and Indonesia for a two-week long skill share building leadership and communication capacities around climate change.

From 2016 onwards, The Climate Reality Project will be hosted by the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute at the University of Melbourne. This partnership is under the leadership of Professor Don Henry and Linh Do.


For more information, please contact or visit Climate Reality in Australia.