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Carolyn Ingvarson

Carolyn has spent the majority of her working life as a biology teacher and as a public servant with the Victorian state government. Her first job outside the classroom was as the Co-ordinator for the elimination of sexism in schools. Next she was the Secretary of Occupational Health and Safety Commission until 1992 when it was discontinued by the incoming government. For the next decade or so she was the Manager of Transport, Freight and Logistics in the Industry Department. In 2003 she received the top transport industry award as the Australian Freight Industry Personality of the Year.

She has also worked with the community in many ways.  For example, with WEL (Women’s Electoral Lobby) – even standing for the Senate for the Women’s Party in 1977; being elected to Camberwell Council in 1990, and chairing the Board of WIRE (Women’s Information Referral Exchange) for 6 years from 2001.

No longer in the full-time workforce, Carolyn worked with MSSI as a project facilitator for three years till 2012, on such projects as Mutopia, and the collation of Low Carbon research across the University, as well as the assisting with the bid for the CRC for Low Carbon Living.

In 2006 she founded Lighter Footprints, a local climate action group in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs. This group lobbies politicians at local, state and federal levels on issues related to climate change, as well as working on matters relevant to local sustainability. The numbers have grown steadily over this time and it continues to find ways for its members to take action on climate change both personally and politically. For the last two years she has been a member of the Board of CANA (Climate Action Network Australia), a co-ordinating body for climate action in Australia that links to international groups.