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Carbon market expert joins MSSI

Professor Tom Pedersen has joined the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute for a two-month sabbatical visit. Pedersen hails from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, and is currently writing a book on British Columbia’s climate action and experience, with a particular focus on the design, application and success of BC’s carbon tax.

An oceanographer and paleoclimatologist for most of his career, Pedersen has spent much of the last decade working in the area of climate-change policy. He recently completed a six-year posting as Executive Director of the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions at the University of Victoria, and for the last two years has served on British Columbia’s Climate Leadership Team at the invitation of the Premier. He is keenly interested in political, economic, scientific and social factors that shape climate policies, locally, nationally and internationally.

While at the MSSI, Pedersen hopes to learn as much as he can about the political and socioeconomic factors and machinations that led Australia to establish a carbon tax in 2012 only to see it repealed two years later. He intends to include a chapter in his book on that history as a counterpoint to British Columbia’s carbon tax experience.

He is also interested in learning about the Australian clean technology and renewable energy industries from the perspectives of political, economic, societal, and physical constraints that limit adoption as well as successes. He would welcome the opportunity to discuss such factors with researchers at the University of Melbourne, and he’d be equally pleased to discuss steps being taken in Canada, both forward and backward, to address the climate-change challenge. He can be reached on 49836 or be email at

Prof Tom Pedersen is from the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria, Canada.

Currently a Visiting Fellow at MSSI.