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Briefing Papers

MSSI aims to provide concise, accessible briefings on topical sustainability issues in the Briefing Papers series. Each paper explores a topic country or area of concern and contention in a way that informs the general reader about the opportunities, challenges, and hopes for action. The papers translate sustainability research findings to provide the reader with information that is reliable and current.


China's economic and energy transition: trends and implications for climate change

Fergus Green, August 2016 
What are the implications of the economic and energy transformation currently occuring in China?

A new starting point: China's eco-civilisation and climate action post-Paris

Ben Parr and Don Henry, June 2016 
What does China's eco-civilisation mean
for the future of Chinese climate change policy?

Cities and climate action after Paris: key opportunities and priorities

Brendan Gleeson, Stephen Pollard and John Wiseman, May 2016 
How cities can be the leaders in accelerating the Paris Agreement actions on climate change...

Philippines climate change agenda: high vulnerability! high ambition?

Ben Parr, Antonio GM La Vina and Don Henry, March 2016
There's rising concern about Philippines’ vulnerability to climate. Here's the situation...

India's rapid transition: the Modi government's climate change and development plan

Ben Parr and Don Henry, November 2015
What is India doing to reduce carbon emissions and also stimulate economic development?

What does climate leadership and a 'fair share' look like?

Anita Talberg, October 2015
Determines emissions reduction targets for each country in order for temperatures to stay below 2°C...

Peers and partners: how Australia compares on climate change policy

Cathy Alexander, October 2015
Comparing what the Australian government is doing on climate change with the countries most relevant: allies and trading partners...