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About Us

We build and share the University of Melbourne’s sustainability knowledge

The Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) was established in 2009. We facilitate and enable research linkages, projects and conversations leading to increased understanding of sustainability and resilience trends, challenges and solutions. The MSSI approach includes a particular emphasis on the contribution of the social sciences and humanities to understanding and addressing sustainability and resilience challenges. We are hosted by the Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning, at the University of Melbourne.

Goals: To enable and support

  •     University of Melbourne, Australian and international research linkages and partnerships
  •     Development and implementation of interdisciplinary research projects
  •     Production and dissemination of high impact publications and research findings
  •     Post graduate research and learning
  •     Public engagement and debate


While MSSI maintains a strong commitment to working with researchers across the full spectrum of sustainability related research disciplines and issues, the Institute work program over the next two years will be focused on the following research clusters:

  • Future Cities
  • Climate Transformations